Payroll outsourcing

Endalia HR outsourcing payroll service. A higher yield of the payroll processes and personnel administration. It automates and optimizes all management tasks, providing expert advice.

With Endalia HR BPO payroll service, we seek to improve the efficiency and quality of our clients payroll processes and personnel administration.

Our objectives are:

  • Minimize administrative tasks by automating management processes.
  • Avoid duplication of information management tasks and invest the effort in strategic processes.
  • Have consultants and expert advice at all times, ensuring updated payroll and any changes or legal requirement.
  • Minimize errors and ensure the security of the payroll information processes.
  • Make use of an advanced technological environment available thanks to a principle of economy of scale.
  • Access to tools to monitor the processes and look for information independently, using search functions, and filtering and extracting reports.

Basic features


  • Full employment information through the management of the worker´s history and payroll.
  • Management of pay through collective agreements.
  • Adapting to the needs of your business (vacation, work schedules, IT services, etc.)
  • Control and management of incidents ( for temporary disability, maternity, paternity, relapse, absentiism, strikes, etc.).
  • Automatic calculation of income tax (state and / or federal ).
  • Multiple payment options for wages, in cash, check or bank transfer.

Contract management and maturity

  • Integration with contracts and certificates.
  • Large collection of labor contract templates.
  • Company certificates, both general and those for maternity and paternity leave.

Integration with RED / WinSuite system

  • Newsletters on National Insurance contributions based on the Company´s regime.
  • Affiliation. Workers registration certificates, sick leaves and variations (changes of contract, occupation, group trading, strike ).
  • Disabilities. Sick leave certificates, confirmation of registration and disregistration. Integration with Delt @.

Working model of outsourcing payroll

Implementation of Endalia Enom

A software to manage payroll and personnel administration in “Cloud ” or “In- House” mode.

Data management and processes

We do it for you. Endalia compensation consultants will access the technological infrastructure to perform management tasks there and administrative management of payroll and personnel administration processes.


Permanent contact. Applications, communication and information transfer between client and Endalia can be made through two distinct pathways:

  • Communication and information transfer using automated flows (workflows ) through the system.
  • Other channels of communication between client and Endalia via phone and email.

Access to information

Our customers will have continued access and will be able to exploit all the wages and payroll information on the system itself, while Endalia compensation consultants will be responsible for the execution of all processes / services outsourced directly on the platform installed, as well as the support and advice to payroll managers.

Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll Outsourcing

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