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Internal comunication module from Endalia HR

Internal Communication

The organization up to date.

Communication is a key. Establish a channel of integrated corporate information to all employees. In Endalia HR Internal Communications you may publish notices, news, videos and other content of interest to the organization, and provide a way of communication with the HR department.

Keep everyone up to date

Post announcements, news, videos, and other content of interest for the organization. Encourage participation, conduct surveys to your employees about the work climate and other relevant aspects for the company.

Communication with HR

Speed-up the process. With Endalia HR Internal Communication, you have at your disposal a direct communication link with the Human Resources department.

Key Features

  • Notices. Notify the event schedule, commitments, activities, etc. of your organization to keep everyone up-to-date of developments.
  • News of the organization. Send information on corporate events.
  • Links to sites of interest. Allow direct access to websites of relevance.
  • Corporate blog(s). Manage and spread knowledge of the organization. Design blogs, post entries and manage access of people in your organization.
  • Policies. Place for publishing static content and linked to aspects related to the policies of the organization.
  • Records of relevance. Provide direct access to documents, forms, etc. commonly used in the organization.
  • Gallery.Design your own photo album of events, products, activities… and spread it to employees.
  • Video Gallery.Spread announcements, events and other video material related to the organization.
  • Mailboxes contact. Send messages to multiple destinations quickly and easily.
  • Surveys. Manage surveys that allow you to collect the views of people in your organization on issues of satisfaction and work climate.

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