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Holidays and absences module from Endalia HR

Holidays and absences

Waiting for your return.

Automate the management of absences and holidays, from the employee request to the final approval or rejection, reducing the administrative burden process and facilitating the monitoring.

Fixtures and patterns of absence

Improve the management of work schedules in terms of the various work centers of the organization, as well as the existing labor agreements. Based on them, define the different types of absenteeism to be used in the application process, and the characterization of each.

Deploying applications

Implant an effective holiday or absence application process, ensuring communication and approval by the responsible, validating the suitability of applications based on the presence of other people of the team.

Monitoring the process

Provide simple tools to facilitate the monitoring of the application process and approval of absences and holidays. Have a direct access to the absences and holidays indicators based on various information filtering criteria.

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