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Risk prevention at the workplace module from Endalia HR

Risk prevention at the workplace

Ensuring your peace of mind.

Check comprehensively prevention plan: annual program of activities, generic and specific evaluations of risks, hygiene and ergonomics, training and information for the workers and control of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment).

Manage your model

Improve the integrated management of each of the elements that are part of your model of risk prevention at the workplace. Processes of risk assessment, personal protection equipment, medical examinations, accidents, risk management training, etc. will be treated flexibly and effectively according to your needs.

Evaluate and prevent risks

Define the requirements of the job and assess the general and specifics to each risk. Check automatically the comparative between the job requirements and the status of the various elements of prevention in the person.

Also for external employees

Apply management processes to prevent risks at work, as well as staff from outsourced services. Simplify the management processes and ensure proper enforcement also for external employees.

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