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Human potential.

Manage your employees personal and professional information and display it on the employee website and automate the process of updating data.

Manage information

Manage effectively the information of the people in your organization, controlling their personal data, administrative and contractual information and organizational evolution. Provide tools for curriculum data management to enable the identification of the right people for the jobs.

Manage salary information

Manage the employees salary information easily, as well as the information of the areas and departments.

Provide tools to analyze wage developments and perform various comparisons.

Integrated document management system

Digitize your employees records, and use a records management system that allow you to store and efficiently classify all documents on which you can search and organize the display and access to information.

All your data, one click away.

And also those of your collaborators.

Personal and professional data

Access and edit your personal information so that the organization is up-to-date on any changes that may occur. You can also include and display both your family and professional data as well as those of your collaborators.

My data in Endalia Web

Curriculum management

Consult, edit and complete your resumé, including your training, qualification, areas of expertise and languages. Thanks to the document manager, you can upload your curriculum vitae in digital format and have it available whenever you want.

My curriculum in Endalia Web

A single directory.

Contact whoever you want, whenever you want.

The professional information of all the personnel of the organization, just one click away.
In the directory, you can find the contact details of all the people who make up the organization.

Employees Directory in Endalia Web

Filter. Search. Find.

Sort it different ways, change the type of view and apply filters to find in a few seconds who you are looking for. Adapted to mobile devices, Endalia Web allows you to access this information whenever you are out of the office.

Filter by favourites, collaborators or by department to get faster to the employee you are looking for. Consult his/her employee card and add him/her to your favourite contacts.

Directory filters - Endalia Web
Contact information - Endalia Web

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