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Organization module from Endalia HR


Optimize, control, improve.

Manage the organizational structures of the company dynamically. Describe your job position, define your requirements and automate your review and assessment processes.

Identify positions

Establish organizational positions and their organization units. Create hierarchical and functional dependencies, and relate people to jobs to generate organizational structures.

Model your organization chart

Complete information for jobs descriptions, its organization chart, mission, roles and responsibilities, skills, career path, etc.

The whole organization,

just one click away.

From the organization chart of Endalia Web you will have a clear vision of the structure of your company, its levels of hierarchy and the relationships that exist between them. Thanks to its filters, you can quickly locate your position or view only information about the people in your department.

Adapted to everyone

Through quick searches, you can access information from all the people in the company. Set the different options to choose the display mode for the organizational chart that best suits your needs.

Search in organization chart - Endalia Web


Automate processes

Automate the job evaluation processes, allowing the review of positions and maintaining a history of changes per position.

Job Description in Endalia Web

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