eflex, outsourcing of flexible remuneration

Outsourcing of flexible remuneration

More for everyone. BPO flexible compensation services. An individual remuneration that enables increased net receipts of employees, allocating part of the compensation to products with fiscal and economic advantages. Make use of policies to attract and retain talent.

What is outsourcing of flexible remuneration?

More for less.

Systems that are offered by companies to their employees in order to adjust to the specific needs of each employee compensation, obtaining greater tax efficiency by leveraging the benefits in income tax.
It allows you to change monetary remuneration of compensation in kind by a simple articulation that regulates the complementary rights and duties.
The salary compensation in the absence of agreement is of monetary source and the agreed in kind may not exceed the value of 30% of the total remuneration.

Business benefits

For the company there are several benefits for introducing a flexible remuneration policy to their employees:

Expand your remuneration strategy by introducing new elements that will undoubtedly be a reference in the market as an employer, to attract and retain workers.

Individualize compensation of your employees by better adapting to market changes.

Give value to payment in kind, which is a cost for the company.

Benefits for the employee

Similarly for employees, flexible remuneration policies report significant advantages:

Many of the concepts of flexible remuneration support directly or indirectly policies to reconcile work and family life.

Adapt their remuneration to their needs, being protagonist of how you want to charge at all times and having the ability to choose and increase their perception of the total remuneration.

Employees see their net income increased by taking advantage of the tax exemptions for selected products and benefiting from economies of scale achieved by the company in negotiating groups.

What products can be ordered?

Health insurance, flexible remuneration product

Health insurance

A medical insurance whose policyholder is the company and that the employee can contract including the spouse and / or children.

Accident insurance, flexible remuneration product

Accident insurance

The objective is to sign accident insurance for company personnel, establishing different capital trenches.

Training, flexible remuneration product


This product has the purpose of updating, training or retraining the employees, so the course must be related to their activity or professional career development.

Vehicle leasing, flexible remuneration product

Vehicle leasing

The company will contract with the renting company a vehicle chosen by the employee. They will sign an individual contract for each vehicle, indicating in percentage its private use.

Restaurant tickets, flexible remuneration product

Restaurant tickets

Restaurant tickets to be used by all employees who have a workday split, on working days and as long as those days are not receiving maintenance allowances.

Savings insurance, flexible remuneration product

Savings insurance

It allows the employee to allocate a part of his remuneration to the contracting of this product obtaining important fiscal advantages.

Share delivery, flexible remuneration product

Share delivery

The company, as its annual general compensation plan, offers its employees the possibility of acquiring shares in the capital stock of the organization.

Childcare expenses, flexible remuneration product

Childcare expenses

A system of tickets to pay in the nurseries affiliated to the network of the provider for the first cycle of early childhood education, excluding additional expenses such as excursions, material, etc.

Transport tickets, flexible remuneration product

Transport tickets

It allows companies to offer transport aids to their employees, who can make use of this incentive throughout the public transport network in Spain.

Collective insurances, flexible remuneration product

Collective insurances

Insurances contracted by the employee through the company to obtain a better price: collective life insurance, retirement or disability benefit and death benefit.

Eflex and Endalia HR

The perfect combination.

Do it yourself and we manage it

Endalia HR software helps the employee in the application and optimization of flexible remuneration products in a simple way:

  • Set up the most favorable scenario, through simulations that allow to predict the savings to be achieved with the various flexible remuneration products available (kindergarten, health insurance, training, etc.).
  • Direct request through the application by the employee of the products to incorporate in their flexible remuneration. Accessibility to the documentation and necessary information regarding the products and benefits that can be obtained.
  • Know the state in which the applications are, knowing when and how they have been applied in payroll.

We help you quickly, transparently and personally manage all employee applications, being the bridge between them, the company and the suppliers of the products.

Compensation software Flexible remuneration simulator

Flexible remuneration simulator

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