Flexible remuneration simulator

Configure, simulate and save.

The personalized flexible remuneration simulator of Endalia HR lets you know the tax savings you can get through flexible compensation plans. A simple and practical way to save annually:

  • Configure and design your own flexible compensation plan. Choose the products that best suit your needs.
  • Simulate as many times as you need. You can add or remove products to finally decide which ones you want to contract.

We help you simulate and manage your own plan from the beginning to the end to make your everyday life easier and increase your purchasing power.

Flexible remuneration simulator

User interface

Our simulator lets you know the savings you will get by contracting products through flexible compensation plans. You can compare the savings of the contracted products “with” and “without” flexible remuneration.

Flexible remuneration simulator's user interface

A Add the products you want to put in the simulator. Then, B configure each product indicating the annual cost of consumption for each of them. You can simulate different scenarios, adding or removing products according to your needs. In this way, you can ensure greater optimization of your payroll.

Figure out the C annual savings you will obtain with your personalized flexible remuneration plan. There is a D summary chart, which shows your total monetary compensation, the annual amount of products contracted for flexible compensation and the tax savings obtained.

Save in three easy steps


Add products

Choose between the different products, those that best suit your interests and daily needs and define the annual amount for each of them. There is an information section in which you can check all their benefits and requirements.


Set them to your measure

Design and customize your own plan. You decide how and when to configure each product. Set them as many times as you wish, choosing what part of your pay you want to continue perceiving as monetary salary and what part as products.


Increase your net salary

By contracting products through the flexible compensation plan, you get fiscal advantages and raise your net salary. These products and services are exempt from tax so your annual withholding will decrease.

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