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Our consulting solutions have been implemented in various sectors such as public administration, aviation industry, food and consumer goods, automotive, education, universities, banking and insurance, technology, internet, energy, paper and plastic industry, tourism, etc.

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Airbus Group

The automation of all workflows of Human Resources processes, has allowed Airbus Group to integrate all information into a single tool, avoid duplicate processes and reduce execution times.
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Automated management of the LEAD program for students in master since 2006 and computerization of management processes such as academic and research projects have made ESADE an example of efficient management.

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Performance assessment management and the automatization of the process of flexible remuneration evaluation have made Infojobs an example of management in the field of Human Resources .

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The high decentralization of the organization and complexity of managing many HR processes has been solved through Endalia management technologies.

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The management of the organization and automation of planning and shifts control have made Laie an example of distributed management in the field of Human Resources.

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Automated management of skills, integrated with the detection of training needs and recruitment has made CENER an example of efficient integration management of HR systems.

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